Syrian Refugee Crisis: Beirut
12 February 2017






(1) Inside Ali’s home in Bourj Hammoud, Beirut. Beirut, Lebanon. September 2016.

(2) Portrait of Ali and his family. Beirut, Lebanon. September 2016.

(3) Ali is from Halab, Syria near Aleppo. He used to work as a shoemaker and owned buildings and land in Syria. Three years ago, he left Syria after the Arab Spring, when–nearly in the blink of an eye–ISIS and other extremists entered the area they lived, and did so violently. Ali and his family realized that they needed to leave Syria. They took a truck with other families for 18 hours to reach the border where they crossed by car into Lebanon. Ali now rents a room in Bourj Hammoud where he lives with another family. 11 people sleep in the same room. He pays $350/month for rent. Ali said, “I’m trying to continue my shoemaking business in Lebanon, but it has been very hard. Syrians are not well treated by the Lebanese. The children are not even welcomed to play outside except very close to their house because of Lebanese neighbors.” Beirut, Lebanon. September 2016.





(4) Wives and children hang around the entrance to Ali’s apartment. Beirut, Lebanon. September 2016.

(5) Portrait of fellow Syrian family that shares Ali’s apartment. Their son, who suffers from a learning disability, hides from the camera. Beirut, Lebanon. September 2016.

(6) Two of Ali’s sons sit beneath the television in their home. Beirut, Lebanon. September 2016.

(7) Ali and kids in front of the entrance to their home. Beirut, Lebanon. September 2016.